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Please Note that the collector configuration has been updated to support the current dashboard. If you are updating a previous revision of the dashboard please check the collector configuration as well to ensure it is current. This dashboard works with Gen2 and later APs. The Telegraf collector configuration is MIB-based so all of the required MIBs will need to be available for the collector to perform the needed translations.

Most SNMP distributions available on most platforms already provide these with one exception see below. The 'agents' list in the configuration is of the actual APs themselves, however, and not the controller.

This dashboard does display the SNMP contact and location detail, but there is currently no method to configure these via the UniFi controller.

Instead, these may be set optionally, as desired using the method described in UniFi - How to make persistent changes to UAP s system. Two simple additions to the config. This would be a matter of preference. The template does allow a selection of vAPs to display as an option. Example copies of these two files are also included in the mibs dir as well. Some SNMP distributions already include this, but not all. An example of this is included in the mibs dir as well.

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IoT with InfluxDB, Telegraph and Grafana on the Raspberry Pi 3

Create new file Find file History. Latest commit. Latest commit 2bcf8d1 Feb 7, Merge the included telegraf-outputs. Edit the username and password for this InfluxDB instance as appropriate Restart Telegraf Import the included unifi-ap-dashboard.The next generation of the platform starts now Help shape the future. Check out the Getting Started guide. SHA dbfcc97c40cfea1fb0e8ee2d90c2ae2eee82dcf8dd7a1eafafa.

SHA ed0c2d77f39a08e49dcaa8f27aecda50d34c1f91dd27c8d0ca4f9. SHA 43a8caaedb0be7a0deeebab9b3b SHA dddcd38aec3f12f8b66cd8eada8df7fbaf2b7cf7d SHA 1cfee37ff33cfe28a77acf25fc2a5b1f17f01b8d9e5fdfc. SHA f2f55f98fa5a8ac4d6dfdd16c1e0cbc5cebad5eb4c6f50adc. SHA ca2ea22c5f77a9f88a5ec4be9bee76cbd81a3a. SHA ee5bffcdbcd0bd03b7ecfadf3ced1ff50decc SHA 0c1f25c70bdbeeb2eebf4edc88ed71d4fb8fbb34bf4cdf SHA fd66cbff27cdff8e8a59bcccb SHA b6dceffab9dafafb1d5cbdcdfab7d0. SHA b7dfdb2c68b89b69d86cdccec9eda8bee04f SHA aef4f8cccee9fdc9fd9e5db7a1adee33cc SHA babb37db3ac7b5b51cbfd86eb8e4cfe2fc33e1fcbf4.

SHA e9d2cb76e78cb9ae3da1bdcbcaddae61fd3. SHA 77ddd8dcd3ca7bfcb14c0cfb2bd3bffae2fc SHA ccd11afab7eccd9b34cbb41abef1faa3c3b2fef. SHA aedcae2e61efdbdeec2a5be73eb92ccde6ffe2. SHA f8eaae7aca0cbd21df72c2a5c1cebaeeac. SHA fdacf02eed8e9bcc88b7ba55ebabcefdbd0cba. SHA cc0f7e7b02a69fe6ebca28eeead51da4c8ffd52c25a. SHA dc5a41bfda1cd2cdf73cfcc7f26f9e1cff5cdbcf27ff0.

SHA c8f9dff1f0deff3b3ffcc4bf5beebe52fadab0debc4d9ff3. SHA 8ef1ba7bd1c2ea45b0c5eba4ecb6b58cecdbe9. SHA dfae6ad3d4acfebbedcf8c57aedde1a64feb3a2b06a. SHA b50afffbd4bfca00fffc0d5be52dc1cb6bc8ef SHA bbf16bedacec57bd19fd1c52bd7cfda01d46cc22a9d9cec.

Please provide your email address and we will notify you of any product updates, and we'll send you some stickers! Toggle navigation. Introducing InfluxDB 2. Telegraf Time-Series Data Collector. Chronograf Time-Series Data Visualization. Kapacitor Time-Series Data Processing. Docker Image docker pull quay.

Register your download Please provide your email address and we will notify you of any product updates, and we'll send you some stickers!The data is all collected in the InfluxDB.

This will install InfluxDB in version 1. Through this customization in influxdb. These three parameters under [http] should be checked and adapted accordingly.

Telegraph is the collector and fetches all data via SNMP from the access points. For telegraph to evaluate the data, the MIBs must be installed and snmpd. Here is my entire telegraph. The sections Input and Output are important.

Everything marked in red you have to adjust. If you already use a telegraph instance, you can supplement your config with the corresponding data, that is, the complete input section at least.

Soon we have done it, it only needs to be installed and adjusted Grafana. Then you have to specify your data source. Sometimes system date is not updated from internet.

In that case use below command to correct date and time which is essential for time series data logging. Type date to check current date and time. You are commenting using your WordPress.

How to setup Raspberry Pi4 with Docker and Ubiquiti for your SmartHome (Part 5)

You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. February 19, May 20, nanda. So I will describe here like me InfluxDB, as a database Telegraph as a collector Grafana as visualization have installed.

Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required.My current setup is using Munin as monitoring solution.

Collecting, storing, and presenting Unifi metrics with the TIG stack (part 2)

Although it is a very stable and useful tool, I sometimes miss a more dynamic view on graphs. First of all we need to find out, where to find those propertiey. Snmpwalk is a quite handy tool for this task. We will use the later one but be aware that if you search for additional examples, you might find several with the old syntax. Date Reading time 3 Minutes. Comments 0 comments. Tags grafana metrics influxdb. Furthermore you should install some tools we will use laster: snmp snmp-mibs-downloader The Debian Wiki 4 describes the required steps to install snmp and enable OID lookup.

Configuration You don't have to configure InfluxDB and Grafana as the default configurations work for us now. Espacially LXC Guests are hard to monitor. Since Proxmox Release 4. Currently Graphite3 and InfluxDB4 are supported. The following example will demonstrate, how to send data from Proxmox into your InfluxDB and visualize it in Grafana5. Although the information you get from telegraf plugins is nice, they are not reliable for e. Requirements This is a follow up post, so all requirements from the original post are still valid.

Basic network monitoring Telegraf configuration The basic network metrics are stored in the ifXTable we already used. Our goal is to store the data in Influx using the following tags:. The main reasons are that it is really lightweight and provides many plugins to add sensors and interactors.

To visualize the data, I'm currently using some Munin plugins1. FHEM uses Logfiles to store all of it's data.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it!By page3February 9 in General Support. This is really important for UniFi management. So, i had to move all the other dockers listed above to br0 in order for them to see each other.

Not ideal, but it works. Or any other suggestions? This seems rather complex just to get some stats in one place and chart them! What you hit is a security measure with macvlan prohibiting bridged container to talk with the host, its not really easy to circumvent. I did see this, but assumed it wasn't implemented fully as I couldn't see any way to determine if it was passing data and if so in to what variable. I'll research more as this might be the answer - thanks. I also found a plug-in for telegraf that calls a python script but unfortunately that didn't work as python is not included with the docker.

I've aware of the security measure read lots about it on this forum and why it is as it is. There's a new option in 6. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

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unifi telegraf

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General Support. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Posted February 9. Share this post Link to post. Posted February Note docker service must be stopped to enable. Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL. Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up.Welcome to Part 2 of this article. I hope in the first part you understood a bit more about how we will organize our collected data into separate databases, how we can create simple databases, and lastly how we can set our retention policies as desired.

First we need to create the Telegraf. If we attempt to launch the container without this file, it will fail to do much useful for us.

There are 2 options for grabbing a default configuration. One option is to simply download it from the Telegraf GitHub Repo. Alternatively, you can use docker to spin up a container that will simply output the default configuration to a file locally. In the command below we are telling docker to run a new container with the remove flag to delete it after it exits, and calling the telegraf config command to output the running configuration aka the default.

Now we have our base configuration. We need to customize this configuration to our needs. One thing to keep in mind as we navigate the configuration, is to keep spacing and formatting consistent. These are simply defaults if not set more specifically in later sections. Next we need to adjust our Output Plugins. Personally, I like leaving the default configuration entries intact, and creating new sections so I have a reference. This means leaving the lines with the at the start, and simply adding new lines below, or creating my own sections.

Everything above should be able to be set just as seen. No need for substitution to fit your instance, unless you are doing something non-standard — in which case I would hope you get what needs adjusting. The tagpass option is simply saying that ONLY metrics with this tag should be written to this output plugin entry.

This allows us to create a filter for this InfluxDB configuration. Imagine if you wanted to collect metrics from say 3 other types of sources a UPS system, your Docker host, a server, etc. This is very powerful for keeping things tidy and scalable. This lends us the ability to keep our data sets clean. This helps us simply keep things clean and organized as expected.

So now we get to the most complicated and intricate section. At a high level, you will need to supply what is known as a MIB to Telegraf so it knows how to navigate and break down what it will read from our Unifi hardware. So it will take something like 1. These are required for a handful of the metrics grabbed below.

So just as we saw with the outputs, you can create multiple inputs of the same type. In this case [[inputs. In reality, you can even bump this up higher unless you would like the granularity.

Keep this in mind that data grows in size and you need storage to support. The SNMP settings should match what you configured above in your Unifi controller or device interface. The measurement name can be set as you please, but I like the format used here of collection.Learn about Grafana the monitoring solution for every database.

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unifi telegraf

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unifi telegraf

Stats at a Glance for Home Infrastructure by bpgd Downloads: 32 Reviews: 0. UniFi AP Dashboard by waterbywind. Telegraf: snmp. Downloads: Reviews: 1. UniFi AP Dashboard by frostbite. Downloads: 60 Reviews: 0. Unifi Controller Dashboard by voomik.

unifi telegraf

Unifi Controller Dashboard by Michael Goodman. Downloads: 41 Reviews: 0. Unifi Controller Dashboard by mysecure. Downloads: 28 Reviews: 0. UniFi Poller v2. Select Collector. Downloads: 64 Reviews: 0. Downloads: 7 Reviews: 0. Downloads: Reviews: 7. Downloads: Reviews: 4. Downloads: Reviews: 5. Downloads: 90 Reviews: 0. Page 1. Trademark Policy. Grafana Features Contribute Dashboards Plugins.

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